You know when you’re young and you dream about what you’re gonna do when you grow up? I have never dreamt of becoming a doctor, singer or anything else specific. But I have always dreamt of having a job that keeps me active, where I can travel, see new things and spend my working days out in beautiful landscapes. Well people, I think I have actually found it.

This Saturday we woke up early and drove up to Stora Sjöfallet, about 90 minutes from home. The mission for the day was to take photos and film for Polarbearz, Markus ’band’. Since the hours of daylight are limited and the cold easily gets to you, we spent 3 effective hours shooting in different locations along the road. The forecast had said it would be cloudy with a chance of storm, and maybe a little snow. But when we came up there and night slowly made way for day, there wasn’t much of any of it.

The clouds dissolved slowly as we were stopping for pictures and then driving further west again. By the time we were done and ready for lunch, the sun was painting the whole sky in red, pink and orange. It was so beautiful we all just stood there for a long time, watching it. Then we had a little food and jumped back into the car and headed home. Two things stayed in my head for the whole ride home.

  1. I live only 90 minutes (give or take) away from this magnificent place. The old mountains, beautiful forest and the complete absence of city noises. It’s a luxury I don’t use enough. The inspiration level is high up here.
  2. I get to call this work. Dressing in five layers of wool and down, scouting beautiful spots, taking pictures, hanging out with amazing people. I think I am Ok to be grown up now, because this is what I want to do when I grow up.

This job of mine is also taking me to Stockholm next week. I have a few meetings to go to, people to see and inspiration to catch. And then on the 27th of January I’m heading to Åre once again. This time for a workation with Influencers of Sweden, and some Snowboarding with Elin. January is going to be an intense month, but filled with fun and plenty of things that the heart wants. Inbetween work and travel I will make sure to spend plenty of quality time with Erik and the rest of the family.

Two Polarbearz on road in Zlatan-land. Or The Land of Polarbearz maybe.. 

Cars should always be shot in this environment. I’d buy it straight away.. 

The hero of the day! Emma kept posting on social media and also did a lot of filming. She also took care of all the food and snacks to keep us going. ♡

Sunsets like these.. The sun never really made it over the mountains on this January day in Stora Sjöfallet. But it came darn close. And the wind makes the whole mountain look like it’s got a halo. Amazingly beautiful. 

Tomorrow is my first real day back at work after the holidays. We’ve had some great days off, spending time together, but it feels good to get the routines going again.

How’s things for you, are you excited that the holidays are over? ♡

Emma took this windy picture of me as we were done at the last spot for the day. Happy snappy!

This is how happy I am to be working with amazing people, in beautiful places. Hey ho 2018 – I’m ready for you!!


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