A weekend in Åre with Kvinnliga Äventyrare

In mid August I was in Åre together with 30 inspiring women – a weekend event arranged by ”Kvinnliga Äventyrare” – or female adventurers. Female adventurers started out as a collaboration between the amazing Angeliqa from Vandringsbloggen (Swedens largest blog about hiking) and Morakniv.


The goal with Kvinnliga Äventyrare is to lift female adventurers and inspire more women to go out and explore. No matter if it’s spending more time outdoors, chasing after your dreams in life or going on big adventures out in the wilderness. Not only does the initiative lift all these cool women and give us a place to connect – Kvinnliga Äventyrare also redefine what an adventure is.

The event I attended in Åre gathered some of these inspiring female adventurers for hiking, talking, inspirational lectures and to make new friends. Not only did I get to know some amazing women, I also got the opportunity to share my energy through one of my passions – Zumba.

This was the first time I was in Åre. I have always wanted to go during winter to snowboard but have never actually been. And when I drove there I remembered why. I live so freaking far away. Many of the ladies attending came from Stockholm and they had been driving 600 km north to get there. I drove 800 km south. 800 freaking kilometers south. Damn, I realized I live in the freaking arctics.

Anyway, the weekend was amazing and I, surprisingly, really liked Åre. I have heard so much about it through out the years but have always thought that it’s probably overrated. I was wrong.

This small village was cozy and with great potential, where life and energy seemed to pour out of every open door. People strolling the streets, people biking, hiking and carting the slopes, great restaurants, cozy cafés in every corner, people kayaking and sup-boarding and plenty of other activities to enjoy if you wanted to.

This was a great weekend with amazing people.

I got to spend time with Angeliqa and Emelie, the two inspiring souls behind Kvinnliga Äventyrare. I got to learn a little about outdoor cooking from Katrin at Fjällochklackar.se – she cooked amazing food and is such a down-to-earth person. I also got to listen to Sara at Träningsglädje.se who talked about the joy in working out and spending time in the outdoors. And we got some great tips on outdoor photography from the talented Louise at Isbergsphotography.se.

All in all – it was a great weekend and I met so many amazing people. But the weekend was short and I immediately felt that I wanted to come back. And right now I am on a train – heading back to Åre. – this time together with Catharina at Peak Performance.

Angeliqa at Vandringsbloggen and Louise at Isbergs Photography. 

Sara and Katrin.

Outdoor cooking – workshop with Katrin.


That I am going to Åre this weekend is part of me following my dream.

My dream is to live a free life and my most important goal is to do all things I do – with all my heart. That way of doing things  have brought me to Åre this weekend. My way of doing things might take me even further. Walking your own way is hard sometimes. Not a day goes by that I don’t doubt. But I try to not let my doubts get in my way. Now I’m going on a weekend to Åre with hiking, zip-lining, spa and spending time with more inspiring people. And all of that happened because I decided to follow my dreams and make this life an adventure. 

So if I can inspire You to do one thing – it’s to listen to that inner voice and be brave. Do things that matter to you. Change things that doesn’t feel good. Don’t let people tell you how to do things and what to do – do things your way.

See you guys soon ♡

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