May is unpredictable up here in the north. We can have 27°c or it can be -5. Sunshine or snowfall. So far May have been cold and windy and there is still a lot of snow left, more than usual. Since the woods around here are covered in soft, non walkable snow, we’re going south this weekend for some outdoor time. The more I think about it, the more important I believe it is to get away from our everyday things.


This weekend is going to be more of the disconnected sort. I will update my Instagram story but won’t spend much time on my phone, computer or any social medias. I try to live my life and be present. I try not to compare, live in the future or live on and with social media. But it is easy to get stuck and being present is an active choice. It takes awareness and motivation. I have been stuck on social media a lot this week and my mindset has suffered. So this weekend I am leaving that behind and I am disconnecting. I will bring my camera and my new lense (happiness!!) and try to save some of the experiences as photos. The rest will be memories.

Hope you have a great weekend, no matter where you are and what you’re doing.



And whatever you are doing – be present! ♡


Beautiful late sunset.

Snowfall in May. Erik likes it! 

The midnight sun is soon here. The nights are getting long and bright and I love it. 


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