Two days before Christmas, one day after the shortest day of the year, I had the pleasure of taking maternity photos of my beautiful cousin. Getting pictures outside in natural light is not always easy when the days are short and daylight is almost non existent. But with good timing, a little luck and gorgeous models – everything is possible. 

We had about 1 hour to shoot the photos, while it was at least a little daylight. It was really cold but that also makes it so beautiful. Even though it was cold outside, Louise-Marie and Daniel make it look warm and cozy. You can tell that there is so much love and warmth between these three human beings. And of course, their beautiful Shiloh Shepard – Hera. ♡

I have really come to love taking photos of people outside in natural light. It’s not always easy, but when you get it right, it’s magical. She makes it easy though, Lollo. Stunningly beautiful! Glad I got to capture this with Mini still on the inside. These photos was taken in week 31.

Lollo was actually a couple of weeks pregnant when we did our trail running adventure this summer. That’s one of the reasons why we didn’t run as much as we had planned. Sleeping in small mountain huts, with plenty of other people that have been out hiking for days, is not a particularly nice experience when you’re pregnant.. Those who know, they know. 

How about those eyes and the colours in this one? ♡


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  1. Katta Bucketlife on 10 februari, 2018 at 14:08 Svara

    Superfina bilder! Jag älskar det där vinterljuset, även om det kräver sin tajming. Det är så otroligt mjukt och vackert!

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