Yesterday was our sons birthday. I can’t really comprehend the fact that he is already two years old.. He is talking, walking, making jokes, playing, being sweet, stubborn, sad, happy – being Him. There is so much love in this little person and it makes me so happy. There is also so much love around us.

Our house was filled with family and friends all afternoon and there was birthday gifts, wrapping paper and popcorn everywhere by the end of the day. Erik fell asleep only minutes after the last guests left the house. We usually read two books before bedtime. Now I didn’t even make it through the first page of Aristocats before he was sleeping. It was a tired, happy and loved two year old boy who went to bed last night.

Thanks to all of you who came by or sent love and thoughts through cyberspace. It feels good in a mothers heart knowing that your baby is growing up with so many loving and caring people around. And tractors. It’s also good to know he’s got a lot of tractors. One never knows when one needs a good tractor. I’m just saying.

Thanks to everyone who made Eriks birthday a great one! ♡






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